Honestly wedding photos are weird. Either you wear a big white dress or the most expensive suit you’ve ever owned. Then you go walking through a field at dusk, attempting to look natural, all while a stranger takes your photos.

I want to be that stranger. I love the weirdness of weddings and the odd traditions that we take part in but very rarely understand. Let me photograph everything—your family, your friends and you walking through fields (if that’s what you choose). But most importantly let me photograph you making the largest commitment of your lives.


Sometimes weddings don’t run to time, so neither do we. Instead of charging an hourly rate we charge for the events we cover, that way you can be focused on the business of getting married and not the clock.



We cover everything – getting ready, ceremony, location and the formalities of the reception.

Almost Everything


Everything except the reception. We get to go home early and you pay less.

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Erin & Ben

Erin & Ben, even as I write their names I am smiling. I like them a lot.


Keeley & Chris

Keeley and I have been friends since high school (approximately 5 years ago) and so when I found out she wanted me to photograph her and Chris’ wedding I jumped at the chance!


Simon & Megan

I love a wedding with no fuss. Simon & Megan’s wedding was just that relaxed, fun and easy.


Scott & Joanne

I photographed Scott & Jo’s wedding 4 weeks after giving birth, physically it was little rough on my body. But everything else about the day was amazing!


Natasha & Daniel

Tash & Daniel got married a couple of weeks after I gave birth and I was lucky enough to photograph their location, but physically I wasn’t up to being there for the whole day. I was bummed I couldn’t spend more time with these two cause they’re pretty much the nicest ever! But thankfully I have…


Tegan & James

Tegan & James are two of my favourites…unfortunately I didn’t get to photograph their wedding.

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